Thursday, January 22, 2015

Project Life for the New Year

Moment of truth: I bought a whole different kit to use for 2015. Then Becky Higgins released Project 52 and I fell in love with the ease of documenting week by week using the cards in this kit. It's a total bonus that the cards are so pretty too. 

I really want this year of documenting to feel better than last year did. I want it to not feel like a chore. My plan for now is to loosely do week by week. That means that I'll try to go Sunday-Saturday, but if I add in a few extra days it's no big deal. I do better when there is a clear timeline rather than the loosey-goosey once a month or whenever I feel like it. 

I'm also going to spend more time focusing on the photos. I want them to tell the stories and have the words help add the details. That will help me be really thoughtful about the photos I'm taking.
I'm not going to stress too much about adding extras---although, I splurged and signed up for the Studio Calico Project Life kit each month. The first month had all sorts of super usable goodies in it including the twenty fifteen sticker that I used on the title page above. I think it'll be a nice extra to add to the mix. I'm thinking that anything I don't use at the end of the year will turn into giveaways!

I don't know how often I'll share here. It's a little ambitious of me to share weekly, but you never know. Inspiration might strike me and I'll want to share. I'm not going to stress too much about it. 

So far, I'm pumped. It's been fun to sit and play with the photos and cards again. I've got some ideas already for some of the upcoming weeks and I'm feeling a renewed energy towards this project. 

It really is so worth it. 

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Amanda M. said...

Ha! I signed up for the Studio Calico subscription as well! Good luck with your documentation - you were my inspiration, after all! ;)