Sunday, August 17, 2014

Sharing Project Life

In mid-July I realized that I was taking less and less photos and feeling way too much pressure to get a layout done every week. I was knee deep in a quilt project that I was loving and spending less time in the craft room too. Then I had a grand realization that when my family looks back at our Project Life book, they aren't going to wonder what happened on the Thursday in the 2nd week of July. They just want to see themselves and our stories. So I gave myself permission to back off slightly. Now don't get me wrong, I love Project Life. But, I'm also wise enough to know that when life gets busy something's gotta give. 

For this spread I printed anything in my feed that told the story of the last few weeks in July. Journaling cards and labels help tell the stories. Really, that's all you need. 

When in doubt, pick orange as your color focus for the week. I can never tire of orange!
On this side: the summer slip and slide, my favorite zucchini cake, a trip to the zoo, basting with the best ladies in the world, and Mia's first solo Pokemon tournament. I had to take the photo of her on the sly because it's totally "not cool" to take pictures of your 9 year old unless she can ham it up for the camera.

On this side: A new haircut for me and an unplanned haircut for a certain 4 year old, the Denver County Fair, mean-mugging at the Rapid's game, and a quiet moment at our public library.

Tucked in between this week are two 12x12 photos that Mark took. I had intended to cut them down and fit them into the Design A protectors, but when I opened them they were just so pretty! 

This photo so perfectly captures the kid's spirits! Naomi is headstrong and stubborn, Mia is a performer and dreamer, and Hollis is our little reserved boy. Love it.

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