Monday, July 14, 2014

Summer Slow Down

The kids are in no hurry to get out the door on our mornings off from summer camp and planned outings. They live in last night's PJs or yesterday's dirty clothes. It's a good reminder to slow down, to let them battle it out, play, and see where the day takes us. It can be a headache too because the noise can get loud way before 8AM. There are tears, negotiations, and a super controlling big sister to dictate how the game should be played. I tend to busy myself with chores and crafts all in an effort to stay out of the line of fire. If I stay out of the way, they figure out a way to make the play work and I get a few things done. 

It's all part of summer and as I get older I realize why my mom kicked us out of the house for most of the days. I'm pretty sure it was the only thing that kept her sane amid all the bickering and loud play. I realize how fortunate my kids are that three days a week they we all get a break in the form of summer camp. My siblings and I didn't have that and instead spent the days torturing each other and terrorizing the neighborhood. There are fond memories that come with summer because of the freeness of our days. I miss that for my kids, but also feel torn between this want to give them space and the fear that comes with letting them go too far out of sight. I'm working on setting boundaries for all of us that give them the space to play free and don't make me too worried for them.

I am grateful for these slower mornings because they remind me to listen to them. If I slow down too, I can see that they don't need (or want) a full schedule, planned activities, or much direction from me. They just want the time to explore and live in this moment of summer.
It's liberating and I'll take it. 

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