Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Sharing Project Life

I've adopted an easy-going approach to working on my Project Life over the past few weeks. I'm not worrying about getting a spread done over the course of one week. Instead, I'm printing a couple of times a week until I have enough photos to get a spread done. It's working for this time of year, when I've got my hands full of other crafts and chores. 

This week's spread closes out the first book of 2014. I've found that around July is when the book starts to get too heavy to carry around and it feels full. I've got the second book ready to go. 
It seemed fitting to close this half with 4th of July pictures. 
I used the Kiwi kit and cards from the Seasons kit this week. The colors are a bit all over the place, but I don't mind. I like the overall brightness of it!

For the first half, I chose pictures from my sister's visit. We spent time crawdad fishing with the kids and even got an almost kid-free day of thrifting and fabric store shopping. 
I love when she comes to visit and the house fills with the sounds of cousins running around everywhere. 

My niece, Aniyah, stayed with us through the weekend for the 4th of July. Mia and Aniyah have always been close and so it was good to have them together. For the 4th we spent the morning at our town's Symphony in the Park celebration. The afternoon was spent relaxing and waiting out a rainstorm. In the evening we went to watch the fireworks from the parking lot of Mia's dance studio. They always provide glow sticks for the kids and lots of space to ride scooters, play catch with koosh balls, and have a front row spot for the fireworks. Naomi fell asleep during the show and it got pretty cold, but it was a fun night. 
The cards from the Seasons kit are an easy way to signify what holiday it is without going too over the top with embellishments.

You can find out more about Project Life here

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