Monday, July 07, 2014

Sharing Project Life

This week I picked up a new set of Sharpie pens and wanted to use them to play with on Project Life. I am really impressed with how smooth they are and how easily it was to switch from writing on the photos to writing on the journaling cards. If you're looking for a new pen to try I recommend these for sure! FYI: This isn't a sponsored post. I just wanted to share with you a new fun find!

This week I used the blue from my sky photos as a theme. All cards are from the Kiwi kit. I also noticed a theme of the word today on the journaling cards and added more tags with that word on it.

Here's the whole week:

Close up on the left side:

The right here card from the Kiwi kit is perfect for my beloved feet shots. This one was right after a gym workout. I love when I find letters in the asphalt out in the wild. I also snapped a photo this week of the amazing sunset.

It's been a while since I got a photo of the Target trip. Spending some time reading the books has been their favorite thing to do for a long time!
I also took the kids crawdad fishing this week for the first time. 
They loved it and we've already been back to try it again!

Close up on the right side:

This week Mark and I had a breakfast and IKEA date. I love setting the iPhone on the table and snapping a shot of the table. It provides a great perspective that captures the morning perfectly!

We are in full summer mode here. For us that means popsicles whenever we want them and a lot of time outside. Getting shots of the kids playing is really hard, but the blurry bodies and late afternoon light shows the mood of our days. 

You can find out more about Project Life here.

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