Tuesday, June 03, 2014

My Dancer

This weekend was Mia's 5th dance recital. It's always a treat to get to this part of the dance year. At about mid-year she gets tired and complains and talks about being done. Then, they get to the recital and getting to dress up and she's rejuvenated. My girl is a performer through and through. She lights up in a way that makes my heart swell when she gets the chance to dance on the big stage. 
She's also always been driven by getting that trophy at the end of the recital for her years of dancing.

This year she decided to switch dance styles after not getting very far with jazz. I think she found a fitting home in hip-hop and ballet. I'm not sure she'll ever be a technical dancer that is demanded in ballet, but her teacher this year made her feel good about it and that was awesome to see.
 Hip-hop is her genre. She loves the music and the steps are more forgiving.
She loved the costume and that it wasn't itchy. She's been wearing the shorts nearly everyday since. 
For the hip-hop dance they danced to Usher's DJ's Got Me Falling in Love Again.

What is it about ballet that make our Momma hearts skip a beat? Seeing Mia all dressed up in her tutu was very emotional for me. She looked poised and graceful and so beautiful. They danced to Once Upon a Dream from Sleeping Beauty.

This might be my most favorite photo ever. She was done with dress rehearsal and watching the door for friends to come out. She only wanted to pose twice (see above) and so I snapped a few candid photos while she chatted to me about being backstage and seeing the bigger girls and about joining tour. 

She's decided to keep going and to join the studio's tour team, which means a lot of performances for her throughout the year. She wants to keep hip-hop and ballet too. That means two nights at the studio and a lot of commitment for her, but I know she can do it. 
Nothing makes me prouder than seeing her do something she loves to do. 

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Anne said...

Awhhh . . . I remember those days. My daughter took dance for several years and the recitals were always so fun. She looks sooo cute!