Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Doing Another Whole 30

Today I'm starting my third Whole 30 challenge. Why? Now that it's summer I've been noticing some not so great habits sneaking back in. Before those habits take hold, I want to get back on a track that has been working for me. The truth is that I just feel better eating paleo. Yes, there are treats that I still allow myself, but since those treats have been showing up more frequently, it's time to spend a short time away from them. 

For example, I have a really bad addiction to Starbuck's iced chai lattes. Not only are they extremely expensive, the sugar & dairy is more than I can handle. Also, my kids tend to steal them from me making the pricey treat not even worth it. I've been phasing them out with almond milk chai using the Oregon Chai concentrate. I was surprised that the concentrate didn't have sugar per se, but evaporated cane juice and honey still count as sugar and trigger more sugar cravings. These will be the hardest things for me to cut out during the Whole 30, but worth it in the long run. 

One of the other key things I want to work on is portion size. Even when eating clean, too much can be a bad thing. The Whole 30 challenge will help get me back to a place of actually listening to my body during meals again. 

I got a little burned by making weight goals last Whole 30 and so I won't be doing that again this time. Instead, I'll be focusing on portions and getting in as much exercise as I can. I've set the fitbit for 12,000 steps a day and hope to go over that at least 3 days a week. 

I'll be doing Whole 30 from June 4-July 3rd. I'll also be joining my friend Stephanie during this challenge and her journey is super inspiring! I'll wrap up here with how it all went!

Wanna join in??


roisin said...

Cutting the sugar from my coffee was very hard, very very hard. I still use milk and haven't had the courage to try the coconut oil coffee thing yet and honestly Im ok with milk being part of the target of 10% not paleo wiggle room. Ive not taken sugar in my coffee now for nearly a year and other than the odd slice of birthday cake or ice cream I barely have any sugar at all. I recently got some chai k-cups and I didn't read the box and didn't realize they were sweetened. I couldn't drink it at all, all i could taste was sweet and it was horrible. The worst part for me in the transition away from adding sweetener to coffee or chai was the first 1-2 days then I was so surprised how quickly my palette adapted. like majorly surprised. You can so do it! I got so very discouraged about the slow-im-old-now weight loss thing even as my fitness and wellbeing improved quickly that I got massively derailed. I try super hard to focus on health and not weight or tag size but its really really hard. it would be oh so nice to do all this work and have a little visual benefit from it :). But also that is waning for me a little. The more I find acceptance for what I am regardless of wanting to change it, the easier it is to stay on track. I think this is flip side of the Im-old-now realization. I care less about the external expectations and more about *my* choices. But that in and of itself is a process and not a switch that gets flipped as much as I wish it were.

Lindsey Elisabeth Fowler said...

Winter is the worst for our diet. Once summer starts and fresh ingredients (including meats and cheeses from the farmers market on our village green) are readily available, we naturally eat so much healthier. In winter we always slump back into the processed food pit. Our market starts on Saturday and our garden is thriving. So we will be eating fresh and local again soon!

Good luck with your challenge! Be sure to share some recipe recommendations!