Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Project Life Week 20

Once a week I share my Project Life pages--mostly to help keep myself on track for the year. I'd love to see your pages too so be sure to leave a comment or link to your weekly spread. You can follow me here and on Instagram to see all sorts of goodies from our life.

Week 20 of my Project Life and I decided to play around a little with my kits and photos. I blended about four different kits and went with the theme of yellow/orange and green to highlight the iris photo on the right. 

Here's the whole layout:

The left side features our reading break at Costco, Hollis's superhero battle stance, Mia, and a shot of the sandy playground. 

We had beautiful weather this week and so we took full advantage of being out as much as possible. On one of the cooler days, we went to Costco. We've made a routine of circling the store grabbing samples as I fill up the cart. At the end we stop at the book section. The twins love being able to browse books at the end of our trip. Side note: Why is Costco piling the kids books so high??? It makes it nearly impossible for the intended audience to see anything!

Having a boy is so different than anything I've ever known. I'm learning that sometimes, for him, he just wants to play rough. This means having epic superhero battles on the front lawn that involve Spiderman web slinging, freezing powers, dirt bombs, and dandelion attacks. Playing this way is definitely his love language lately. 
Mark sent me the photo of Mia one night when I was out. She was all bathed, brushed, and ready for bed! He's been in charge lately of doing her hair. She hates when I brush it & he seems to have the magic touch for brushing without pulling or making it hurt.

I really recommend printing your larger photos from Persnickety Prints. They do a beautiful job and have amazing customer service. But sometimes I don't plan to do an enlargement until the last minute and I don't want to wait to finish until it comes. So how do I go about printing a larger photo from home? There isn't an exact science for me. I don't have photoshop and the largest my home printer can do is 8x10. So, I have to get a little creative. I use the crop tool in iphoto (set it to 4x6) and try to eyeball good breaks in the photo. This works best on a photo like this instead of trying to crop a distinctive subject into smaller pieces. The natural lines of the page protector hide any small overlaps or discrepancies. I fully intended this photo to be 12x12, but as I was cropping it, realized I was not going small enough to pull it off. I went ahead and left it 6x12 and love how it turned out. 

I added journaling about the new life in our garden and spring cleaning that we did this week.
The quote card is from the Kiwi kit.

You can find out more about Project Life here

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Mika P. said...

I love what you did this week! I'm a new follower so I still have many other posts to explore, but this layout is beautiful! Can't wait to read more. (:

I usually post my PL every Friday (I'm a new blog & this Friday will only be my second week of PL!) Here is my PL layout for week 1:
I'm still gathering tools and odds & ends, so I'm hoping to get better with time.