Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Project Life Week 19

Once a week I share my Project Life pages--mostly to help keep myself on track for the year. I'd love to see your pages too so be sure to leave a comment or link to your weekly spread. You can follow me here and on Instagram to see all sorts of goodies from our life.

This was another week that I kept it really simple. Just a pen (or two) and the journaling cards provided by the Kiwi kit. That's one of my favorite things about using Project Life---you can really just use what's in the kits and your pages turn out beautifully! 

Here's the whole week:

I just love the green of these journaling cards! We've been having afternoon tea parties and water coloring sessions after school. It's a nice & calm way to greet the evening and relax after spending time in the warm sun outside. 

I did add in a calendar card from Elise, which I loved because it had the green that I tried to tie throughout the spread. 

I wanted to include a little bit about Naomi. I haven't shared much about our troubles with her and potty training. It's actually gotten bad enough lately that she's afraid of most running water or anything having to do with the bathroom. We couldn't get her in the bath for almost a month. She "bathed" in the hose or water table out front. Not ideal, but we are letting her be in charge of this aspect of her life. Anyways, we picked up some color tablets that change the color of the bath water and she was completely transfixed. She even voluntarily put on a swimsuit and tested them out---TWO nights in a row. We counted it as a pretty big victory for my sweet girl. 
I don't go into the whole story on my journaling card, but including it will help us remember this tender time for her. 

The right hand side:

On Thursday the twins had a field trip with their preschool to see Lyle the Crocodile. We had front row seats and I snapped a quick photo of the stage before the show started!

We let Mia have a handful of friends spend the night for her birthday. As they were getting out of the car at our dinner spot I noticed just how each girls' shoes really reflected their personalities. I snapped a quick photo. 
We ordered Mia a cake from a local bakery and it was a perfect reflection of my 9 year old---horses and rainbow frosting. We served it with Mia's favorite ice cream---mint cookies & cream!

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Anne said...

Such nice pages Denise. I remember the days of bubble baths with the kids. I used to give them colored shaving cream to play with in the tub.