Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Project Life Week 18

Once a week I share my Project Life pages--mostly to help keep myself on track for the year. I'd love to see your pages too so be sure to leave a comment or link to your weekly spread. You can follow me here and on Instagram to see all sorts of goodies from our life.

This past week we celebrated Mia and her 9th birthday. It seemed only fitting that she be the focus of this week's Project Life spread. I like that she'll look back at these pages and see just how special this week was for her! Mark helped take pictures this week and so I tried to highlight some of the ways we celebrated using both of our pictures. I used the Kiwi and Midnight kits for all of the journaling cards.

Here's the whole layout:

The left hand side:

This card is from the Midnight kit. I dressed it up with some letter stickers and a list of all the specials things Mia did to celebrate. 

I wanted to highlight this photo of Mia and her surprise bouquet of balloon. I printed out a 6x8 picture at home and then cut it down to fit into these slots. 

Free comic book day was the day after Mia's b-day and so we all headed to the comic book store. We got to visit with superheroes and score some great comics too. Hollis loved Batman, but wouldn't pose. The girls loved Batman too. In fact, I think Naomi was a little smitten. She didn't want to go in the store and instead wanted to hang out by Batman.

We don't often get great pictures of Mia because she's  pre-teen and makes silly faces instead of acting natural. Both Mark and I snapped some great ones of her this week. 
I printed this one out as a 5x7 and used one of the inserts to highlight it. 

On the back I printed out the blog post letter I wrote for her. 

The right hand side:

Mark was able to get a birthday message for Mia on the Rapid's marquee during the game. 
She had no clue and even missed it the first time it ran. 
She loved seeing her name on the big screen.

Mia has been asking to get her ears done for a couple of years. We wanted to wait until she could help take care of them herself. Sunday morning we headed to the mall for a girl day and stopped first to get her ears pierced. She was so brave and excited!

Mark took this black and white photo of Mia. Since it was an instagram I had to print it square 8x8 and cut it down to fit. I decided not to add anything to it. 

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Mary said...

I love the way that you made your daughters special day the main focus of your weekly pages. Awesome photos!

Mary from NH

Mika P. said...

Aww, this is beautiful. Seems like you did a wonderful job for her birthday- I would've LOVED balloons for my birthday (now and then!) I also like how you made her the focus! I got my ears pierced when I turned nine too (: