Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Project Life Week 17

Once a week I share my Project Life pages--mostly to help keep myself on track for the year. I'd love to see your pages too so be sure to leave a comment or link to your weekly spread. You can follow me here and on Instagram to see all sorts of goodies from our life.

Today I'm sharing the first of my pages as part of the Everyday Rituals creative team. Sarah & Michelle designed a set that is perfect for spring and has a lot of the color I've already been using thanks to the Kiwi kit. The cards are easy to write on and I had fun cutting a few down to use in a different way! 
Here's the whole week:

It was beautiful weather this week and that meant a lot of time outside. The twins love to play in the water in the front yard and I get a chance to weed, see all the changes with my flowers, and sometimes just sit with a good book. I snapped a photo of the tree in our front yard and some of the bright orange tulips that bloomed this year. 

 All the cards on this side are from Everyday Rituals. I cut one down to use as a horizontal stripe on the title card and added some stickers for the date. It gave this side a good pop of color that pulled everything together!

I love using lists in my journaling and this card was perfect for a wrap up of the week!

Close up on the right side:

This week we got to see one of my favorite bands live, Arcade Fire. It was so much fun to get dressed up, dance, and capture a few fun photos!
The parenthesis card was perfect for journaling about it!

We had a decadent two nights out this week and went out for a dinner and movie on Saturday. I set up the TimerCam app and got this picture. I journaled right on the photo with the Project Life pens. 

On Friday night we took the whole family out for dinner and ice cream. It was a perfect way to reconnect with each other and be outside a little bit late into the night. 
I journaled on the yellow and white card from the kit and it matched well with the you are my sunshine tag on the photo below. 
While we were waiting for dinner to come Mia and Hollis were snuggling and laughing. They have such a special relationship and I love that I got a candid photo of them sharing a special moment. 
I cut down a 4x6 from the kit to just keep these words and sewed them directly onto the photo. 

I'm really looking forward to using some of the rain themed cards if we get some wet weather. So far it's been mostly sunshine around here!
Here's what the whole kit looks like:

You can order yours from Everyday Rituals today! 

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