Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Project Life: Week 10

Once a week I share my Project Life pages--mostly to help keep myself on track for the year. I'd love to see your pages too so be sure to leave a comment or link to your weekly spread. You can follow me here and on Instagram to see all sorts of goodies from our life.

This week's spread wouldn't have happened without the help of my husband. He sent me a lot of pictures this week and helped add so many special moments to this week. I went with a neutral tones this week. I pulled cards from the Cut & Paste, Seafoam, and Midnight kits. I didn't add much else except some washi tape, letter stickers and a label. 

Close up on the left side:
The date card is from Elise. We aren't seeing much green around here yet, but I wanted to include it anyways!

Mark texted me that b&w picture of Naomi and my heart exploded a little. I love that he was able to capture her in a different way. She looks so grown up here. 

The twins have been begging me to go through the car wash. With rain and snow it's not something we normally do. But with a warm week and a good day, I couldn't help but surprise them. I love the look on their faces!

This week we discovered that our favorite ponds were home to two nesting bald eagles and their juveniles. We went there three times to watch them fly around, roost, and try to catch fish out of the water. 

Close up on the right side:

I had a girl's night out to celebrate a friend's birthday and we ended the night playing Unspeakable Words. These little figures are from that game.

Once or twice a month Mark will take the kids while I have a whole day to myself (usually to sew). He always plans fun things for them to do together. I love that he sends me pictures throughout the day of their adventures. These pictures are from a role playing game that they all started together. 

This photo is a perfect bookend to the b&w of Naomi. 
My sweet boy.

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