Thursday, January 23, 2014

Whole 30 Challenge (Half Way Mark)

If you hadn't heard, at the beginning of January I started a Whole 30 challenge and I wanted to give a little update to how it has been going for me. I've been noticing a lot of little changes and some pretty big a-ha moments about how I treat myself and food. 

First of all, you aren't allowed to weigh yourself. At all. I think this has been one of the hardest aspects of the whole thing. Really. I'm realizing just how focused I had become on that number on the scale. I was at the point that I was weighing myself multiple times a day. The scale was becoming the boss of what I could or couldn't eat and even how I felt or looked at myself. Not using it has been freeing, but I'd be lying if I said it was easy. I still want to weigh myself. All the time. I'm at the point in the challenge when I feel really good about myself and really strong, but part of me is really anxious to see what that number will be at the end of it. I'm hoping to work on changing that attitude over the next 15 days.

I've had some pretty serious cravings, but not for sweet stuff. I thought I'd miss ice cream, and cookies. I've been craving toast slathered with butter. Not just any toast though. I've been wanting the whole grain, chunky toast from a local breakfast spot. I've made Mark promise to take me after this month. I have been missing chai tea lattes over the past couple days, but I'm realizing I miss the routine of getting them more than the actual drink. I've been substituting that with tea and have been drizzling in coconut milk to help build a new routine. I'm trying to decide if honey will be one of the things I reintroduce right away. 

One of the biggest things I'm noticing is just how full of carbs and hidden sugars my diet was and how dependent on these foods the kids are too. I'm not sure how to change this for them. I've been introducing them to everything we eat, but the bulk of their breakfast and lunch is full of these filler foods. It'll be something that Mark and I work on with the knowledge that they are kids and this will have to be done in baby steps. 
I'm not sure we are destined to be a Paleo family, but I love all the veggies we are eating. I love that we are treating our palates to new dishes and it's amazing how much better everything tastes when you've cleared out all the carbs and sugars. 

I'm at a really good place today at day 15. I feel incredibly proud that I've stayed strong despite some pretty grand temptations. I love that I feel energetic and lighter (whether or not I've lost "pounds"). 

So here's to the next 15 days. Let's do this. 


Lizzy said...

You can do it! I won't offer you any sugar!


Stephanie May* said...

You are like, KILLING it! I love how you are so on the right track with everything! And you're always such a big encouragement to everyone - especially me. SO happy that we are doing this together! And yeah, not weighing IS HARD. But how fun will it be come February 7th?! <3