Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Project Life Week 3

This week I decided to play with not having a set "week." I'm realizing that as we get busier and deeper into winter, I am not taking as many photos as I'd like. This isn't going to change as I start school this week and have picked up some hours at work. When I went to print photos for this week I had only a couple. But if I included the holiday weekend, I had plenty of shots to fill the spread. It's a good reminder that there are no hard rules with Project Life. Make it work for your life. 

For this week's pages I used the Midnight kit and the Blackboard kit from We R Memory Keepers. The work really well together!

 The Polaroid card is a love note that Mark left me one afternoon. 

I had to vertical 4x6 photos that I wanted to add, but didn't have a good way to showcase them in the Design A page protectors. So, I cut down one of the 5x7 protectors and jazzed it up with a fabric ruffle. 
I love including fabric from the quilts I'm working on. I figure that as we flip back through these books seeing and being able to feel some of the fabrics that I used will be a fun treat. 

Naomi loves her cousin, Gabriella. She asks to hold her, sings her Christmas carols, and kisses her almost constantly.

Here's the right side:

The kids found a lost Chihuahua and quickly adopted it for an hour or so. 
Mia made an awesome sign to help locate it's owner. They held it, played with it and kept it busy until Animal Control came to take it. 
She was pretty confident that they could track down it's owner. 
The kids were sad to say goodbye, but had lots of photos to remember it by.

We don't often see 61 degrees in January. We spent most of the day outside soaking in all those rays.
don't forget to include screen captures of weather in your book. It's a good way to track the change in seasons or weather anomalies.

I almost missed this photo of Mia doing Naomi's lipstick. I love how the light is shining in on them. 

You can find out more about Project Life here

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