Monday, January 06, 2014

New Year, New Projects

With the new year comes the chance to make new goals. 
I'm horrid at sticking to goals for more than a few months. Usually the first sickness with the kids or change in schedule throws my momentum off so ridiculously that I spend just as long getting "things" back to normal. So I don't set any goals too deep into stone. This doesn't stop me from planning or reflecting on how to make things better.

I have to say, looking back to last year I'm happy with how things went. I had a small goals of keeping up with Project Life, going to Zumba when I could, and hopes that a volunteer job would lead to bigger things. I also made a pact with myself about putting myself out into the crafting world a little more. This meant saying yes to opportunities, reaching out to people on the internet, and joining a local quilt guild. It meant believing in myself and skills enough to share them here. 

I've spent the past couple of weeks reflecting and planning for this coming year.
 I will be going back to school soon to get an endorsement to be a Teacher Librarian. I have a list of quilt projects I want to complete and then share here. 
I've got smaller goals about networking and growing this blog. I've met so many amazing and inspiring people online and look forward to nurturing those relationships. 
I'm starting a Whole 30 challenge and bought a pass to my local gym. I'm nearly 40 (ack!) and am striving to hit 40 as healthy as I can be. This might be the hardest goal of them all, but I'm determined to see it through. 

Most importantly, I strive to be the best momma and wife I can be this year. That means upping my patience and trying to be less distracted. It means letting them watch less TV and saying yes to more focused playing and activities. It also means letting the boredom reach the point that their imagination kicks in! It means carving out more time for just Mark and me. This year we cut back on having a regular babysitter and so time together became harder to find. I want to add date nights back in. I'd love to have our first overnight without the kids this year. I also resolve to say yes to playing more board games with him---since it's one of his favorite hobbies right now.

Let's see where this year takes us. I'm ready. 

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Stephanie May* said...

Have I mentioned that I am SO excited to be doing the Whole 30 with you this time around? Well, I am:) Great post, and you don't look a day over 24:)