Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Project Life Week 48

This post is one day late, but it almost didn't happen at all. You see something crazy happened this weekend when I was taking photos. The camera was super blurry and I couldn't get it to focus to save my life. I swore that my camera was broken and had my husband check it out. For him, the viewfinder was crystal clear. Turns out my vision was all out of whack. In truth, now that I think about it there have been signs all along---esp. when taking photos. Things have been blurry for a while. 
I've since been fitted for some new, sassy glasses and trusted the auto-focus (and husband) to snap these photos. 

Most of the photos for this week's spread were taken by the various kids that were around the house last week. Some were snapped by my husband and a few others were iphone photos (mush easier to focus apparently). Luckily, I had other people manning the camera for me and they got some amazing shots!

Here's the whole spread:

Side one:

Aniyah and Mia took turns taking photos of each other at the park. I loved this one of Mia. 

Hollis snapped over 50 pictures of the sidewalk. This gem was tucked in the middle! I printed it out 4x6 and then cut it down to two 3x4s.

I did an insert for Thanksgiving using one of the Design A page protectors cut in half. 
The Thanksgiving cards are from the Holidays kit. 

Here is the second side of the insert.
Most of these photos were snapped by my 7 year old niece, Aniyah. She's got a great eye and I love that she got a self-portrait in too. 

Here's side two:

Mark took this photo of the twins together and I just love it so very much! 
The tag is from Ormolu

Mia snapped this one of Mark and Naomi. 

This is a photo I snapped on small biz Saturday. We spent the afternoon shopping at some of the locally owned businesses downtown, including this used bookstore. 
I used some one of the Project Life pens to write directly on the photo!

You can find out more about Project Life here
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Anne said...

Ahhh . . . Denise . . . joining the rest of us with blurry eyes. Just wait till you need glasses for distance AND close-up.