Thursday, December 19, 2013

My Dancer

I haven't written about Mia much lately. She's getting older and wiser to what is being said about her and I try to honor her privacy. But, I couldn't let these recent dance performance photos go without posting them. She works really hard at dance and loves it. It hasn't been as easy road. It's been really hard for her to see friends move up into higher level classes or into the tour group. She's quickly becoming the oldest kid in her classes. But, she doesn't give up. She rarely misses a class and lives for the performances at the end of each term.
In the performances, she absolutely shines. You can see how absolutely happy it makes her to get to dress up, wear make-up, and dance. 
I don't know how long she'll stick with it. She's decided to mix things up a little and try some new classes. I want so badly for this to work out for her. I am so proud of her and watching her dance makes me incredibly happy. I know that she was meant for the spotlight of some stage and I hope someday she finds the perfect outlet. 
No matter what I'll be there cheering her on.

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