Monday, December 30, 2013

Crafty Gifts

I really dropped the ball on homemade gifts this Christmas. The holiday just snuck up on me and I couldn't fit in all that I wanted to. There were no handmade PJs or quilts under the tree.
I did make a few easy things that I wanted to share with you. They might just be my two favorite crafty gifts this year.

First, I tried out this tutorial for a circular mug rug. It's super easy to make and I absolutely love the results! I used the blues and greens that are my mom's favorite colors. 

I love that it has little pockets for your tea and spoon. I think you could probably hide a cookie or two in there as well.

Don't get scared by her mention of a circular cutter in the tutorial. I traced a small plate and just used my scissors to cut around the edge. I used some of my favorite Pearl Bracelets line on the back!

This next project was a collaboration and isn't sewing, but I had to share it. My son, Hollis, is fascinated with his older cousin, Anthony. Anthony is a teenage boy who could totally scoff at the idea of a four year old following him around, but instead he is loving and plays with him.
Hollis calls Anthony his best friend. So, when Hollis got Anthony's name in the cousin gift-giving draw, he wanted to draw a picture of them together.
I saved the picture and ironed it on to a plain white tee. I'm not sure that Anthony will wear it, in public anyways, but I love that he has a little token of how much he means to one little boy.

Sometimes the simplest gifts are just the best. 

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