Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Project Life Week 46

We are nearing the end of the year and I am definitely feeling like it's time for a reboot. I love this project, but I'm ready for a new kit and new energy to hit. I've decided to not do a December Daily book this year so I can use all those activities here in the end pages. I'm planning on using the Midnight Kit and binders for next year. Before January I'll need to buy one binder and another pack of page protectors. 

When I sat down to work on this week's spread I was amazed to find I had only taken 4 photos. What?!?! After I kicked myself a little and panicked a little about what would fill my page, I got busy adding things that had collected on my desktop. I want to show you that it's completely possible to still do Project Life---even if you don't have a lot of photos. Look for papers, ticket stubs, art projects, and other small things that you can add. Journal more. If you still can't make it happen, combine two weeks into one. Remember, this is supposed to be stress free memory making. In the famous words of my friend, Tim Gunn, "Make it work."

Here's the whole spread:

Close up on side one:

After seeing people post about the secret Butterbeer Latte at Starbucks, I had to try one. I had to give the barista the recipe I found online, but it was a perfectly decadent treat. 

I've had the quote cards from Elise downloaded for a while but haven't used them. This quote kept coming back to me after a busy and taxing week and so I added it in. 
Mia got two Dragon Links in one day and so I added them in too!

I love trying to take photos that have white space in them. It makes a perfect journaling spot!

I'm nearing the end of a top secret quilt and added some of the scraps right to a grid card. This might be one of my favorite ways to remember projects I'm working on!

Close up on side two:

I printed out a picture of the fall light come through our front tree into a 6x8 print and then cut it down to fit into the slots. I love how larger photos work in Project Life, but I hate to do it when there are people that inevitably get cut. A scenic photo like this is the perfect thing to blow up bigger. 
Also, if you can't print 12x12 at home (like me), I highly recommend Persnickety Prints. I recently ordered a 12x12 to cut up for Project Life and decided to frame it instead. The quality was crisp and the color was right on. 

Mia asked me to add this to our Project Life book. She's been working on these tiny color by numbers and this is the guide to one that she finished. It's vellum so whatever is behind it next week, will peek through a little.

I went to a preview screening of The Book Thief this week. They didn't allow photography (the security guards had night vision goggles?!?!) of any kind and didn't have ticket stubs. Instead, I printed out a movie poster image that I found online. 

I took a pretty big step this week and applied to go back to school. This is part of a series of baby steps to get me working full time in a school library. It's a pretty big step and commitment, but all the signs and roads kept pointing this way.
I used a segment of one of my forms and journaled around it.

Our babysitter (and close friend's daughter) was in a production of Grease and so I added part of the ticket and program.

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Jen at A Heart Full of Love said...

Fun pages! I love how you used fabric scraps from a project you were working on. That is such a great idea. I will have to remember that.

brooke said...

love your pages! they turned out great - despite the lack of photos. :) i sometimes think weeks like that end up being my favorite - as i then add more of the "stuff" of life that i know i will enjoy looking back on later. also, it forces me to be creative, which is never a bad thing. :)

Linda Jordan said...

Gorgeous pages, I love all the "found items" you included. And I hate that when events don't have good ticket stubs or something for project life! There is a famous deli in my city that has these gorgeous tickets they use for your order + I tried to snag an unused one at the end (they handed us two, but we ended up using only one, not like I stealthily stole it from their stash, haha) and they refused to let me leave the restaurant with it!! Crazy. But the movie poster is a great substitute :)

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