Thursday, October 24, 2013

Reading Magic

It's been a little while since I have been sucked so wholeheartedly into a book that I finish it within two days. Lately, I've been lingering over books---choosing other hobbies first. I love reading, but I often get distracted by little people, craft deadlines, and then I'm so tired that I fall asleep after a few words. 
I'd been searching for a copy of The Girl Who Chased the Moon for a while. I heard of author Sarah Addison Allen from a friend who read her book Garden Spells. After reading that one, I was hooked.  Unfortunately, our library's only copy of Girl went missing a year ago. I found this copy on our recent outing to the used bookstore!
 Allen has a way of intertwining magical elements with characters that are flawed or searching for their own way in life. The magical "gifts" are never what they seem and it's so easy, as a reader, to get caught up in the world she creates. The endings always are resolved in a way that makes you want to know more about your beloved characters.
I'm never quite ready to say goodbye to them.
In The Girl Who Chased the Moon, we meet Emily and Julia who have both come to the town of Mullaby in search of family and a place to belong. They are cast into a world were there is a loving giant, mysterious night lights, and the sweet smell of sugar in the air. There is magical wallpaper that changes with your mood and there are town secrets that have the power to hurt and heal.
I loved this story and was so sad to have it end. I wanted more from these characters. I wanted to see them 5 years down the road and know they were happy and content. 

To me that's a sign of a pretty perfect book.
What are you reading lately that you love? I keep a pretty long list of things to read on my Goodreads page, but I'm always looking for new books to add!

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