Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Project Life Week 42

This was the week of iphone photos and not a lot of photos to document the week. We all get busy and it's really easy to forget to just snap a few photos a day. That means getting creative with how we spread the week out and it can mean including pictures that aren't the best quality, but help tell the stories that made up the week at hand. Don't let it stop you! Print out what you can. Make lists on your journaling cards. Journal. Just get it done! 

The biggest news of the week was the birth of my niece Gabriella. My sister has been sending me a photo a day of her and I picked one to add to our pages. I can't wait to go meet her in person and I'm hoping over the next week the rush of life slows down enough for me to get in some baby snuggling. 

Close-up of side one:

On Monday Mark and I spent the day exploring a nearby city with Mia. It's been a long time since it was just the three of us out and about and it was awesome to have that time with her. 

I wanted to add some journaling about the birth of Baby Gabriella. There are now 10 nieces & nephews to make the family get togethers that much livelier. The adults are definitely outnumbered. I used one of the Valentine's cards from the Holiday kit to write a little about her. 

I hated to cut my new niece's face, but she deserves a bigger spot in this week's Project Life. When you see the bigger layout, the photo just pops and looks great. 

Close up of side two:

I love adding a strip of paper to the grid cards to help carry a color theme through the week. 

This isn't a great photo, but I wanted to document that Mia got her first email account through school this week. She got up really early on Saturday morning to check to see if any friends had written. We are so doomed. 

Mia had a soccer game and sleepover with a friend and Mark sent me this one of the girl's and their rainbow sno-cones.

Wagon rides are one of the best fall activities. We walk around searching for Halloween decorations and I get a pretty good workout pulling these two around.

I like adding in photos of quilts I'm working on to remind me of what I've done long after they go to new owners! This one will go to a little boy soon!

Mark sent me this photo that he took of the girls at the park. It's a great photo of the two of them and I really wanted to use a 12x12 for this image and cut it down like I did with Gabriella's photo. I can't print 12x12 at home and so I tried printing it as a 8x10 and it cut right through Naomi's eyes and just looked too disjointed. I decided to print a 12x12 through Persnickety Prints and will most likely add it in a 12x12 sleeve when it gets here and forget all about cutting it down. This 4x6 slot will change to something else. 

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alida.post said...

Great page! Love that quilt you're busy with (looks like a lot of work).

Craftcherry said...

Wonderful layouts. Congrats on your new niece!
Love the quilt you are working on. Looks great!