Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Project Life Week 39

This week was a busy week and I just didn't seem to get a lot of photos taken. I did collect some other things that were fun to add into the spread. I added a greeting card, toy packaging, quilt pieces, kid drawings, and current reads. I liked mixing it up a little and I probably don't do it as much as I should. 
Also, I am so grateful for my iphone camera. It has been my primary camera lately and although I don't always love the quality (I need a 5s), it helps me get photos that I wouldn't get otherwise.

Here's the whole spread:

Here's the first side:

Naomi has rediscovered her Little People lately and I snapped this photo of her playing while I was folding laundry right next to her. I loved how she had all her cows lined up and her zebras too.

My sister surprised me with a package full of goodies. It was totally unexpected and definitely put a smile on my face! I included part of the card and also took a photo of all the treats. 

We've been really working hard at getting Naomi back at a good place with potty training. It's a long story full of accidents, tears, stress, and in the end the realization that a near mishap with an overflowing potty had her scared to death.
She had a great week and to celebrate, I took them both to Starbuck's for cake pops. I used so leftover flying geese quilt pieces from a project I'm working on for the background. I just sewed them and the photo down with a zig-zag stitch.

Here's side two:

The fall weather temperatures mean we can be in the backyard a little more mid-day. The twins have been busy catching bug friends while I work in the garden. Hollis can't resist catching the biggest grasshoppers I've ever seen. 

I checked out a pile of books from the library and read this one in a couple of days. It was so creative and good! 

This weekend was the Fall Festival at Mia's school. I didn't get very many pictures because she ran off with friends and only checked in to get more tickets to spend. 
I was able to catch her on the pony ride & I snapped a photo of the cotton candy that we all shared. 

We've been doing a ton of positive reinforcements for Naomi and her potty training this week. Hollis didn't want to be left out and demanded a date with Daddy too. They went to Target together and he picked out a Transformer. I cut down the packaging to fit here. 

Our sweet girl drew a family portrait this week. It includes our house with all the plants in a row. The biggest one is Mark, but the others ones changed each time we asked her. 
I scanned her picture and then made it small enough to fit here. I added the writing using PicMonkey. It's a really easy website to use and when I was done, I saved the image in my iphoto library. 

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