Thursday, September 05, 2013

The New Wave Quilt (Completed!)

I had all intentions of finishing this quilt more quickly, but then life got in the way and it kept getting pushed to the side. I'm so glad that I finally pulled it all together this week. It turned out beautifully and might be one of my favorites. It helps that it's in my favorite color family and some of my favorite fabrics. You can read about the quilt top here

It's not a huge quilt. About 51x55 which means it is a perfect lap quilt. This would be a great pattern to enlarge. You can order larger sizes at Elizabeth Hartman's blog

When it came to the quilting, I decided to do meandering horizontal lines to mimic the name quilt. I love how the waves made the quilt seem more organic in movement, especially from the back. 

I added to the back two scrappy strips using left over fabrics from the front. 

I'm getting better at playing more with my quilting and I really loved how free I could be with the stitching. I ended up using my walking foot to help with the stitch consistency and just moved the quilt as I was sewing to help get the waves. 
The rows are spaced randomly. 

I used leftover fabric for the binding and made a scrappy binding. They are a little more work to put together, but I love how they turn out in the end. Also, for anyone taking notes, I ended up sewing the binding on with machine. It's not perfect, but I'm getting better at having the stitches be where they're supposed to be.

It feels good to have this one done. I'm already piecing together a secret quilt for a friend who's expecting a baby. I can't wait to share it with you soon!


Michele said...

Hello! I love this quilt and especially love that bottom row..with the stripes.. it sure adds to the waves!

Anne said...

I really like the wave quilting. I've used that style too and always like it. Hope the job is going well.

Anne said...
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goletagirlwendy said...

Your wave quilt is beautiful!