Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Project Life Week 37

This week we had devastating flooding in our small town and the surrounding towns were hard hit too. We are extremely lucky to not have had any flood damage and are still coping with the sight of our city being as changed as it is. Many of the sidewalks are covered with mud and in many places the sidewalk is gone altogether. 
We spent two days evacuated and without power, but in the end, we had a house to come home to. 
You know what one of the first things to get packed in the car when we were evacuated was? 
My Project Life books. 
No matter what happened I wanted to make sure the past two years of our documented lives was safe. These memories---the work that goes into collecting them---are so important.  

Here's the whole week:

Closer up to side one:

One night, after we had friends over for dinner, we packed up the kids for a sunset bike ride. I am so glad to have this picture here because now that field is covered in water. It's a great reminder of the beauty we saw that night. That same view might never be the same. 

This week, Mark had a pretty serious craving for shortbread to go with his tea. I found a fairly easy recipe and made some for him. This was an instagram that I printed at 3x3. 

I can't stop listening to the new Arcade Fire single. I found a screen capture using google images and printed it out. It's a little creepy (and blurry, boo) looking, but I love it.

Here's a close up of the second half:

On Wednesday afternoon I tried to do some errands after preschool pickup. There were long lines, out of stock items, and a crankiness from the twins and it wasn't working at all. I decided to stop at the coffee shop and give us all a break. It was a great reset and I got this adorable pic of Naomi. 

When we were allowed (and even when we really weren't supposed to) we roamed the nearby park to survey the damage. It's heartbreaking to see our favorite places utterly destroyed. This is my daily walking path, our neighborhood pool, and routes that are forever changed by this flood. I wanted to include as many pictures as I could of what it looked like. My friend, Lisa sent me a few photos and I also included some iphone pictures. 
The picture of Naomi was from the morning after we returned home. It was like a calm settled in and for almost an hour all three kids sat in various places reading. 

I found this rain rain go away card on Pinterest. It was the perfect place to journal about the floods. 
While at my MILs house (so glad she was near and safe for us to go to), I took a lot of walks with the kids in between rain showers. Naomi and Hollis collected bugs and worms and even slugs.

This is a picture of the walking path that I walked almost daily. 
I'm not sure what it will look like once the water has receded, but I know it won't be the same. 

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