Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Project Life Week 36

This week I felt actually on top of things a little bit. It's nice when all the back to school routines start to settle down. I had a little more free time for crafting and spent a good part of the week with my sewing machine. For Project Life, I went back to printing a photo or two everyday. Then I pulled everything together in small moments of free time and finished it all up in one evening. It's a lot easier for me to keep up with it if I allow for some time each day to work on it. I used cards from the Seafoam and Clementine kits plus other goodies from my stash.

Here's the whole week:

Here's side one:

Mark and Mia spent part of last weekend and a game convention in Denver. They played board games and some role playing games. Mia got to pick out a new set of dice and a fairy. 
I love that they have a hobby to do together. 

Mia had late start this week and so we had a thrifting and coffee shop date. She brought her allowance money and was so excited to find a bag of beanie babies for $7. Turns out there were 30 beanies jammed into that bag. Pretty good deal for her and it made her so happy!
For the bottom photo I pulled out the sewing machine and used a zig zag stitch to help frame it. 

I've been trying to take more frequent walk again and shot this one as I walked one morning. 
I wrote directly on the photo with one of the Project Life pens. 

Here's side two: 

Lately, Naomi has been taking car naps again when we go to get Mia. I just can't resist snapping a picture of her. I printed this one as a 2x2 and laid it on top of some washi tape. 
The months card was in an Echo Park journaling card kit that I found at Michaels. 
Over the weekend Mark and I had to go get a new lawnmower. It's a long story that involves a wet battery, assumed gas leak, and fear of combustion. We decided to leave the kids with Grandma and make a "date" of it. I snapped a photo of our feet as Mark looked at all the options. 
The living in the moment tag is from Ormolu. 

Most of the week I spent working on this orange quilt. I like to add in photos of works in progress to help me remember what I've worked on throughout the year. Sometimes it helps me realize that I actually do get more done than it seems! 

My boss gave the kids a china tea set and the past few afternoons have all about having a tea party. I help make the tea and Mia plays hostess for the little ones. They have snack or an early dinner with their heavily sugared tea. 
I caught this picture of Hollis during one of the tea parties. I used an Ormolu badge to help jazz it up. 

I used two of the cards from the Seafoam kit to make a list of the current happenings in our family. Lists remain my favorite way to share a lot of information in a little space. As we read back these few words will help remind us of this specific moment in time.

I'm linking with The Mom Creative and her weekly Project Life share. 
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