Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Project Life Week 34 & 35

Two weeks ago I had a near panic attack (only slightly kidding) because I had so much on my plate. School starting, a new job, and barely any time to craft left my camera untouched and me feeling really uninspired. So, I gave myself a break. I remembered that this project is really whatever I want it to be and if it worked better to bundle two weeks together, then so be it. 
You know what? This week I sat down completely ready and felt much less pressure. It felt freeing to take a week off and no one really noticed but me. 
More importantly, taking a week off allowed me to not quit doing this all together---to feel a renewed energy towards Project Life. 
Don't be afraid to give yourself permission to step away from any projects that turn from fun to daunting. Remember, that this project can be whatever you want it to be. I'm continually inspired by a friend that doesn't document by weeks, but instead uses it like a traditional photo album with journaling included. Her pages turn out great and capture the important events in her family's life. 

Here's the whole spread:

Here's the first half close-up:

Hollis is the grasshopper whisperer. He has no fear picking them up and will hold them as long as they let him. This one was especially tame. It crawled all over him.

Our new neighborhood grocery store has little carts and the twins love to help me shop. It takes three times as long, but it can be a perfect way to spend a hot afternoon. I have to make sure I put items in both carts. Good helpers get a handful of candies from the bulk bins. 
On Tuesday the temperature hit 102. That's pretty dang hot for Colorado. I did an iphone screen capture so I could add it here. 

I used a handful of small fabric scraps from a sewing project for one of the journaling cards. I like the pop of color it added and the reminder of this project! Normally I stitch them on, but since this is the back of the previous week's card, I used a glue tab to secure them in place. 

Washi tape is still one of my favorite ways to jazz up a picture. It's easy, pretty cheap and there are so many designs! You can find great tape at Freckled Fawn. This design came in one of their $5 grab bags!

Mark sent me this photo of him and Mia during a coffee date. Mia didn't have school and so she stayed with Mark while I was at work. She read and had a chai----just like her mom!

Here's the second half close-up:

With the rec center closed, Mia and I had no Zumba class to go to. So instead of heading home, we grabbed our bikes and went on a ride together. She talked and sang the whole time. 
It helped me clear my head and get some much needed fresh air. 
I wrote directly on the photo using one of the Project Life pens. 

Mia wrote Mark and I the sweetest love note and so I tucked it in here. 
This love you journaling card from the Midnight kit is one of my all time favorites. 

We spent Labor Day Weekend chicken sitting for our friend's Montessori school. The kids loved playing there and tending to their small flock of girls. 
Hollis took his egg-collecting job quite seriously. He didn't quite understand that they don't lay on demand. 

I added one of my favorite 5 senses cards to talk about tending the chickens. 
While Hollis and I stayed outside with the chickens, Mia tended to Otis the bunny. Naomi played with all the various activities that the school has. I snapped a photo from the floor of her playing with the farm animals. I wrote right on the picture too. 
I also added a screen captured a funny text dialogue with a friend. 

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