Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Project Life Week 33

I've been struggling to get back into the routine of things (many things) lately. It was evident in the lack of photos I had from last week. I got pretty creative though and in the end it all worked out. I'm hoping that the next couple of weeks go more smoothly and I'll get back to taking photos again!
Here's the whole week:

I played with the sizing on the first day of school picture of Mia quite a bit. Sometimes it feels so weird to be chopping parts of their body apart. But, it looks really cool in the end--esp. in person! I printed this photo out on 8x10 paper (sized to 8x6). The Back to School card is from the Holidays kit. 

The small Back to School card is from the Holidays kit. The math card at the bottom is from an instagram friend that was selling vintage cards and papers!

I cut down one of the worksheets that came home with Mia at the end of her first week. I like seeing her writing in here!

With not enough photos to fill the slots, I had to get creative. I printed out the covers of the two books I'm reading right now. I also included a sticker that Naomi got at the new grocery store in our neighborhood. We feel pretty lucky to have a store that focuses pretty heavily on stocking with local and organic item---including some of our favorite ice cream!

I still can't stop taking feet pictures. This time, I loved the light and shadows. I used the empty space of the photo to journal a little about the changes that are happening right now. 

On Saturday Mia reminded me that I had promised she could open a lemonade stand sometime during the summer. We didn't have any lemonade, but I made a batch of ice tea and homemade sodas and she opened her own stand. I am so grateful for the people who stopped and made her day. She sat out there for almost 4 hours and made $11. She was so proud.

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Lilla said...

This has turned out great! I've been wanting to try this project for so long - it looks super fun! ;))