Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Project Life Week 32

When things get busy the first thing that suffers is my creative time. I have to carve out small bits of time---mostly after the kids are in bed & if I'm not too tired. 
It's a good thing that I have a simple way to collect our stories like Project Life. I have to remind myself that my pages don't have to be fancy or embellished to capture this week in time. We spent the majority of this week out of town and so I decided to keep it mainly photos and journaling cards. 
Here's the whole week:

It's rare lately that the twins show a lot of affection with each other. They bicker quite a bit and we are trying to teach them to be kind despite wanting their own space. When I saw them holding hands as we walked into the fair, I had to take a picture. 

I played a little bit with a self-timer app on my iphone and got this great picture of Mark and I on a recent date night. We joked that it's our album cover for our band that makes moody music.
The picture of Mia was from an unexpected nap that happened one afternoon. I used a card from the Midnight kit for the journaling.

I ended up with a lot of pictures from our trip to the mountains. I decided to add an insert and used a Design A page protector and cut it down.

I really like all the photos and wanted to leave them pretty much as is. On some of them I used the Project Life pens to write directly on the photos---just to add a little more information.

This is what the second half looks like once you move the insert.

The mornings at the mountain condo were spent (by the kids) playing with legos, jumping off the bunkbeds, and sometimes watching TV. One morning I caught the girls playing in the softest light and snapped this photo.
Mark took the photo of me and kids after one of our hikes.
I'm a big fan of adding lists to my pages. It the simplest way to tell a lot about what we did!

We took the kids on a ride up the gondola in Breckenridge. When it started to move I caught this face by Mia. She was so excited and it was a definite highlight of the trip for all of us!

These are two of my favorite photos from our weekend. Naomi found a comfy rock on our hike to Rainbow Lake. She gave me her famous scrunchy face smile.
I fell back on the trail a little bit to get this one of Mark and Hollis walking together!

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Yin said...

Nice PL pages focused on great pics and journaling, like the simplicity!