Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Project Life Week 31

This week Mark held down the fort at home with the kids, while I traveled to Arizona for my grandfather's memorial service. I used the two sides to document our very different events. 
I struggled a little with what to show from the funeral service & decided to include my three favorite moments. I left out any photos of my grandfather, although I had one I really wanted to use. Now, it seems a little odd to be taking photos at a funeral, but Grandma was pretty insistent that we do take photos. I'm grateful for the chance to have captured some special moments.

I used the Midnight kit this week because the colors seemed to fit better. I loved the use of all the different texts this week too. It helped unify the whole week.

I was so grateful that Mark sent me pictures the whole time I was away. I saved each photo to my camera roll and then had them all to print when I got home. 
This one was my favorite. 

Mark sent me a self portrait he took with the kids at the park.
I wrote my journaling about their adventure around the edge of the love you card.

Mia spent one afternoon with a friend at a local pool. Her mom texted me a photo of the girls poolside with snacks. 
The grid card is from the Seafoam kit and is the back of a card from last week. I added some of my favorite Martha Stewart labels to add some journaling. 

Mark took the kids on an epic bike ride one day that included the library. He sent me a photo of some of their book choices!

This was another photo from Mark. 
Love it. 

On my first night is Arizona, we went for a walk around the neighborhood. I found a few chunks of turquoise that was apparently left by one of the house builders nearby. I'd never found it "in the wild" before so I brought them home for Mia. 

My favorite part of the service was the Marine Honor Guard dedication. Before the service I asked them for a photo and they were happy to pose for me. They were so polite and kind and I am so grateful for them.

Grandma carried around the flag for a lot of the reception. I snapped this photo as we watched the funeral directors loading Grandpa's casket into the hearse.
I decided to make a list of all the things I wanted to remember about that day. The today card is perfect for it.

It was routinely 108 degrees in Arizona during my visit. I don't remember ever being so hot!! We weren't able to get out much during the day, but as the sun went down, we tried to get in evening walks. I took this photo on one of those walks. The sun glare reminded me of the intense heat.
I haven't gotten a photo with my siblings and mom in a long long time. Being all together was a perfect chance to fix that.

My nephew snapped this photo of the Marine Guard giving Grandma a flag.
I love it so much.

I've been playing with a self timer app on my phone and took this photo one morning.
It's fun to get different perspectives of myself into Project Life.

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