Tuesday, August 27, 2013


You'll notice that I've probably been pretty quiet lately. I'm transitioning from SAHM to working part time and that's ended up being harder than I imagined. The time I had spent blogging, being present on social media and even texting friends has disappeared. The new schedule is a little tricky for all of us and we're working to find a new normal. I've decided to not be so hard on myself and let some things fall to the side temporarily. That means the house is a mess and time to craft has to take the backseat. 

We're getting there and I'll resume Project Life posts and have some quilt updates for you next week (I hope). I'm also crafting a new Life with Twins: The Quarreling edition. 
In the meantime, know that I appreciate all of you and am spending some time getting centered. 
Bike rides, cups of tea, and binge watching some favorite shows late at night is helping. 

Here's to a new season (almost), and new experiences. I'll be back soon!

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Anne said...

Life with twins - quarreling edition just made me laugh. What a great idea. As for work, you will find the right balance. Just give it time. I'm sure your daughter enjoys knowing Mom is at school part of the day.