Monday, August 12, 2013

Getting Away

With the end of summer fast approaching, we headed this weekend for the mountains. It was our first family vacation since the twins were born and was a good way to test the waters with them. We rented a condo in Dillon, Colorado (the twins called it our "new home") and spent the next four days exploring the small mountain towns nearby. 
There was no real schedule or plan, which is how we like to do things. We'd wake up in the morning and head out with no concrete idea of what the day would look like. We just knew that we had to be flexible and take cues from the kids. 
 We also learned quickly that in the mountains it's best to do all outdoor activities in the morning. 
The rain would roll over just after lunch and then it would get cold.

The condo was near Dillon Reservoir and it was an easy place to go to get energy out! There is a playground near the marina and the views were breathtaking. 

 We did a lot of rock throwing, collecting and listening to the small waves hit the shore. 

One of the days we spent in Breckenridge. We found a trail and did a small morning hike and then spent time wandering in and out of stores. 
The gondola ride up the mountain is free and the kids were super excited to get to ride the "roller coaster." It was the highlight of the trip for all three of them! Mark found a distillery with a tasting room and I found a gourmet cookie shop.

In Frisco, we found a trail that was super family friendly called Rainbow Lake. It's one mile in and you wind through trees and lush green meadows. The end is a small lake tucked next to the mountain with a huge beaver dam at one edge. The hike was easy enough for all the kids (though the little ones got tired towards the end) and the nature payoff was huge!

Our last day we decided to stay close to the condo and went to a pond in Silverthorne. The kids took advantage of the mountain sun and tried to catch the millions of little fish that would swim at your feet. 
Then we headed for a park called Rainbow Park. This park is amazing! It has a great playground for the kids and a skate park for the older kids. There were volleyball courts at the back of the park and it looked like they were building a splash park too. 
The kids quickly made friends and we barely saw them again until it was time to go.

This vacation was a good reminder that we didn't have to do anything fancy to have a good time. We loved meandering through the little towns, eating at cafes, discovering small historical museums, and just being in new places. 
It was a great way to celebrate the end of summer!

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