Thursday, July 11, 2013

Through Her Eyes

One of our goals of the summer has been to explore Colorado as much as we can. Mostly this means hiking, exploring new cities, and just being outdoors. We live in such a beautiful place and we are learning to appreciate it even more. 
This past weekend we decided to hike just outside Nederland and then spend the afternoon in the small mountain town. They have the Carousel of Happiness and a gorgeous lake, so we knew we could find plenty to keep our crew busy. Mark drove and I was smart enough to bring some stitching to do in the car. He had found a perfect hiking trail just a few days earlier and so we headed for the same place.

Pretty quickly after starting out on our hike Mia and I took advantage of a shady spot to take a few shadow photos. I love that she still wants to hold my hand sometimes.

Then Mia asked if she could hold the camera and take pictures. 
I absolutely love the perspective she has. I love to upload later and see what things caught her eye. 
This one just might be one of my all time favorites. 

Clearly she's developing a thing for shoe photos just like her Momma.

For some reason the fact that the flowers are all pointed away from her just gets me. 

She snuck is some photos of us too. But this one of Hollis---love.

The aspens were shaking a lot as we walked by and that might just be one of my favorite sounds.

I love that she's noticing texture and color. 

I think she wanted to capture the worm tracks on the fallen tree. I love the composition.

Knots in old trees make good pictures. Even better, the bill of Hollis's hat peeking into the photo. Sure, I could've cropped it out, but I love the imperfections!

This is where I taught her that all pine trees have a smell---chocolate, vanilla or strawberry. We smelled a lot of trees this day.

There's something magical about handing the camera over to our kids. Mia perfectly (and probably better!) captured our mountain hike. It's a gift to see through her eyes and I hope that she continues to take photos. I'll surely keep handing the camera over to her!

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Amanda M. said...

I LOVE giving the camera to my little ones....It really does give you perspective from their eyes. Great photos!! :)