Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Summer Days: History Colorado Museum

Last week a very dear friend invited us to join her at the History Colorado Center. I have to say that for families with little ones it is a hidden treasure in Denver. My kids are in love with the exhibits and I'm always so shocked that it's not more crowded. There is so much to do and it really is a hands on museum, which is the best kind for our kids.
The first thing we saw was the model train exhibit on the fourth floor. The exhibit is there to honor Union Station and has a huge 1,200 square foot layout. They have an I spy game that you can play with all the miniatures along the tracks. The train only runs on the weekends, so plan accordingly! 

My friend gave us the scoop that there would also be a cowboy doing rope tricks in the atrium. We sat and ate lunch while watching him. He even let the kids try their hands at roping. 

The best part of the museum is the town of Keota. It's a 1918 display with a farm, school house, kitchen, and general store. We even got to meet a snake oil salesman! It's by far the kid's favorite thing to do. We spent nearly two hours there letting them play. 
Mark tried his hand at milking. 

The twins just wanted to collect eggs. They ran back and forth from the coops to the general store over and over. They have been asking to do again every day. 
After the kids collected eggs, they could sell them at the general store. 

Mia likes to be the store owner. She fills orders and handles the money and then restocks the shelves for the next customer. She also likes to hand out the mail. 

Once we tore the kids away from Keota we went to explore the rest of the exhibits. We visited Bent's Fort and the kids turned this window into a coffee shop. 

Over the course of the day, we skied in Steamboat Springs, went down into the Silverton Mines, and learned about the Amache internment camp. 
I highly recommend this museum and couldn't have been more thrilled to spend a Sunday there. It was not crowded at all and the kids had plenty of room to run around and explore. 
It's such a treat to have a museum that values kids and their learning locally!!

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