Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Project Life Week 26

My second year of doing Project Life is officially half over and I am still in love with this method of documenting our family's life. I made an effort this week to have the "big" camera with me and was able to capture some great moments with it. I've found that lately the iPhone camera is looking a little too fuzzy and hard to focus. Might be time to update soon. I mentioned this problem to husband and he suggested just removing the case and cleaning off the lens. That might work too, I suppose. 

Our days and have been pretty full and I like the feeling of almost having too many photos from the week to choose from. Often, it's easier for me to be extra picky rather than adding an insert. Mark is still sending me pictures on a regular basis and I like having his eye represented in the book too!

Here's the whole week:

I love that I got this photo of Naomi browsing books at the library. Remember to get down on your child's level and the pictures take on a whole new perspective. She didn't pay one iota of attention to me and I got a great photo of her! Ignore the looks other people give you when you are crawling on the ground. 
The love you tag is from Ormolu Designs.  Recently I ordered one of their super cheap grab bags. I tell you, it was the best $8 I've spent on scrapbooking supplies in a long time. It was jam packed with goodies. Follow Ormolu on Twitter and Instagram to get the heads up on the next grab bag sale!

I decided to use one of the This Week overview cards from the Midnight Kit to capture the huge kist of activities that we did that aren't necessarily pictured. We've been playing outside as much as possible and Naomi loves to find roly-polies. This time she asked, "Momma, do you wanna pet Jackie?" I'm pretty sure that poor Jackie met her doom because of over ambitious squeezing shortly after I snapped a photo. 

Our local museum has a Lego exhibit right now and we spent one afternoon playing in their build room.  It was a great way to spend the afternoon! They had a ramp to race lego cars and tons of bricks to build with. They also had on display a handful of bigger lego creations by "professionals." It was really neat to see all those small blocks come together to create something larger.  
In a different part of the museum they have a few dress up costumes and I snapped a quick photo of Hollis trying on a buffalo head. 

We've had moths lately and one morning the twins found one to torture play with. I grabbed my camera and snapped a quick photo of them. I wrote directly on the photo with a Sharpie paint pen. 

One afternoon Mark was working on his bike in the garage. The twins were very interested in what he was doing and so he set up a bike garage for them too. He snapped this photo for me. I think the lollipop in Hollis's mouth is a great capture. We are using them as potty treats and so without even being there I can imagine exactly how their garage time went. 

We've been doing some family birdwatching hikes and this week we went to a beautiful place called Walden Ponds. I snapped this photo as we headed back from seeing some amazing birds including a Bald Eagle, American Avocet, and Killdeers. We also saw turtles and frogs. It's during this time of year that I feel especially lucky to live here.
Both of the cards are in the Midnight kit. I used letter stickers to enhance the heart card. I left the photo unaltered because it's kind of an epic photo. 

Mark and Mia have become avid board gamers and spend a few nights a week testing out new games. Hollis is always asking to play too. This week Mark picked up a game that all of the kids can play called Monster Factory. Mark took this photo and I love his perspective of the kids playing together. 

Mark also took this one of Hollis completing his first monster. 
 I snapped a photo of Mark and Naomi playing together.
The journaling card is also from the Midnight kit.

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You can find out more about Project Life here.


ktware said...

I love your layout! The photos are great and all the cards you've chosen go great with the photos!

Craftcherry said...

Beautiful layout. I love the photo with the moth and the cute "Lucky" card.