Friday, June 21, 2013

Summer Days

Summer is officially here. The routine of summer camps and sleeping in has settled in. They are all staying up later at night than I would like. We all seem to be chasing the last bit of daylight----cramming in as much as we can into our days. 
We are filling our days so full that sometimes I worry that it's too much. We have piano lessons, swim lessons, summer camp, and outings. But, there has been little fighting, or meltdowns, and they have all been sleeping so deeply and soundly at night that I can only believe it's a good thing. For the first time ever, I have kids sleeping until nearly 8AM every morning.
I'm taking my cues from them and providing some down time when needed, saying yes to extra popsicles, extending bedtimes, and having lazy dinners of salad and cheese plates. During my kid-free time I'm saying no to housework and instead spending time out of the house or with a good book.

The other morning Mia declared it the best summer ever.
So far, I have to agree.

We are making good use of swim & zoo passes. We have a Nature and Science Museum pass this year for the hot days. We're working on collecting our state park stamps and planning weekend outings.
It's the summer of doing things.
And it feels so good.

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