Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Project Life Week 25

I realized this week that the year is nearly half over. The binder is starting to feel really heavy and full. It might be time to pick up a second binder! I continue to be proud and impressed that I'm keeping up with Project Life. I can't say enough good things about it. I love having all this small and seemingly mundane moments add up to a perfect collection of our daily lives. 
I am setting a small goal of getting some of myself into the spread more. Especially with having some time to myself this summer, I want to document the ways I'm spending my days. 
Here's the whole week:

All that Mark really wanted to do for Father's Day was go on a hike or bird walk. You can read more about that day here. I added my two favorite photos from the day here and wrote a little about it on the Today is Good card. 

The other thing we did on Father's Day was go see the new Superman movie. I liked it---but liked Star Trek better. I added our movie tickets to a grid card using a line of stitching. 
Later in the week we got to have a kid-free morning and spent some of it on a walk around our favorite ponds. We spotted a bald eagle and some other birds we hadn't seen before. 
Lately I've been taking a ton of photos of my feet and so it seemed only fitting to take some of ours together. I wrote directly on the photo with a Sharpie paint pen. 

One afternoon the twins begged me to take them on a wagon ride. We went around the block and they were so thrilled to be out and about and seeing the world through a different transportation mode. This Echo Park card seemed to fit perfectly!

So here's the part where I admit that Mark didn't even open his Father's Day card until I told him I wanted to use one in Project Life. We aren't big on these kind of holidays and we were so busy that day. I cut down one of them to add directly into the pocket. No fuss---but I like it!

We went to the zoo again and I didn't take nearly as many photos. It was hot and everyone was a little bit more on edge---at least until we got to the train. Then, I got this great photo of Hollis. 

Mark took these two Instagrams and sent them to me. It seems that we are eating our fair share of popsicles around here. This time it was on Grandma's back porch. 
He had taken them to the park in the morning and snapped a photo of Hollis climbing on the playground. I added some rub-ons and doodling. 
The senses card continues to be one of my favorite ways to document the moments. This time I used summer as the theme. 

The girls and I went out for dinner and I always try to snap at least one photo. This was the more appropriate for public viewing one. 

I've been finding quite a lot of little drawings around the house by Naomi. This one cracked me up and so I added it to the week's spread. 

I'm linking up with The Mom Creative for her weekly share. 
You can learn more about Project Life here


Candace said...

Love the picture your children drew

Emily said...

Love how you journaled around the "Today is Good" card! And what a great idea including the movie tickets :)

Fiona said...

I really like your pages! I love your simple style, with a focus on the words and photos. The father's day card is cute, and I love how you included your daughter's drawing. The feet photo is great! It was really inspiring to see your pages :)

Denise said...


Thank you!! I'm continually inspired by all you women on The Mom Creative!!

Sarah Kooiman said...

I love the feet photo with the Sharpie journaling. So simple, but so creative! Your pages in general are so clean and bright and I just love your style! Beautiful!

Craftcherry said...

Wonderful layout. I love the journaling around the Today is Good card. Will have to try that.
Such a sweet little drawing to add. I love adding my kiddos art.

Denise said...


My primary kit is Seafoam, but I've been throwing in Midnight and Clememtine too!