Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Project Life Week 24

Last week was a full week. It seems like we didn't stop and we kept the days full with activities. I had a lot of pictures to pick from and decided to leave out some of my favorites (creek swimming) to keep the spread from being too busy. Most of the pictures were taken with my DSLR--with a few iPhone photos from Mark and my sister in law. 
I also played with four different kits---pulling cards that fit into the feel of the week. It's nice to have that option to mix up the kits a little. 
Here's the whole week:

At the beginning of the week we drove south to spend some time with my family and help my niece, Aniyah, celebrate her 7th birthday. It was a quick visit, but we were able to fit in a lot and most importantly get to spend time with family!
While we were there, we got all nine grandkids to pose with my mom for a photo. It's not often we have all of them together at once. It made for a full house, but super happy kids!

When out watering one morning I snapped a photo of Naomi smelling the peonies. Our garden has exploded with color over the past few weeks and it's been fun snapping photos of all the various flowers. I used one of the Midnight journaling cards to write about it. 
One afternoon Naomi found a dead beetle (junebug?) outside her school. She insisted on bringing it home and then keeping it in a jar. Mia had my camera and snapped this photo of her as we were getting out of the car. The card is one of the journaling cards in the holidays kit. I just cut it down and added letter stickers. 
And, yes---her shirt is backwards. The twins insist on dressing themselves lately and so most days their clothes are on backwards and even inside out. 

I loved watching Mia and Aniyah playing cards on my sister's porch and so covertly snapped a photo of them. The blue card is one of the Hanukkah cards in the holidays kit that I cut down. 

I'm not always good about saving extra things to add to our book. Movie tickets are an easy thing for me to add without taking up too much space. 
Mia and I went to see Epic and were so surprised to find that it was written by William Joyce. He's one of our favorite authors and if you liked Rise of the Guardians, you'll like this one too!

Every year our town hold a family friendly bike event called the G'Knight Ride. It's hosted by a local brewery and includes food trucks, bouncy castles, and live music. There is a variety of bike rides that you can do with the whole family. This year Mark and Mia decided to do the 12 mile ride. It's a leisurely ride with stops at some local tasting rooms. 
Although it was hot, we all had a good time at the park and then when the twins had had enough I took them home. Mark and Mia didn't ride home until after 10PM, but it was so worth it! They had a blast and next year we'll attempt it as a whole family. These were some of my favorite shots from the day.

I had to take a photo of Mark with the brew that the ride is named after!!

Earlier in the week Mia went for a sleepover with her Aunt Susan. They went to the Butterfly Pavilion, had pedicures, and ate out. It's always a treat for her to get some special time with her aunt! I love that she sent me pictures from their day!

This morning I decided to add an insert to hold Mark and Mia's bike numbers. They also made the front page of the local paper and so I'll also tuck in the newspaper article about the ride that they are quoted in when I get our copy!

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Cerise Wade said...

Beautiful layouts. I love the stitching you included. That G'Knight ride event sounds like SO much fun.

Stacey-Lee said...

Love all the little journalling spots sewed on and the writing directly on the photo.
What pocket did you use for that little insert please?

Denise said...

That was an American Crafts 6x12 that I just cut the top off!

Chrisy Clay said...

Really lovely layouts. Love how you directly wrote on the photo of Mark - it turned out great.

Colleen said...

I love these! So I see alot of kits mixed in together. am I right? lovely!