Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Project Life Week 23

When it came time to put together this week's Project Life spread I was at my mom's house two hours away from my normal stash of goodies. I had packed just the essentials---a handful of graph cards, a variety of Seafoam 3x4 cards, some washi tape, and a few sheets of letters stickers. 
It was kind of fun to have the challenge of completing the spread with bare minimum of items. 
However, my mom has quite the collection of her own journaling cards and so I didn't hesitate to peruse her supply too!
Here's how the week turned out:

Another nap photo of Naomi--I actually had two from this week, but only used one!
I dressed it up simply with some washi tape. I've been using the new American Craft Project Life pens exclusively for a couple of week and I am loving them! I only have the 3 black pen set, but these seem to be enough to get journaling done!
Mark took the photo of Mia playing Takenoko. They love to play games together and I love that Mark will save me photos to add to our Project Life. 

I snapped this photo of Hollis while we played at one of our favorite local parks. My mom just happened to have a perfect journaling card for it!

My sister in law gave Mia all her old Breyer horses and stable this week. It was such a thoughtful gift
and it's been so sweet to watch Mia play with the same horses that her aunt once played with. 

 Mia comes home from summer camp pretty exhausted. On this day she asked to watch her favorite show and as she lay there I noticed how blue her eyes popped in the sunshine.
I had to get a picture! The patterned paper was from mom's stash of scrapbook paper.
Beneath it I printed photo from a walk Mark and I took one morning. I still feel pretty lucky to live where I do---there is so much nature and beauty right in our backyard. 

Sometimes I forget to take photos when there is a girl's night. This week I remembered!! It's a fuzzy iphone photo, but a fun way to get some dear people in my pages too!

This week Mia got to use her birthday gift of a horse riding clinic at a local stable. She has been obsessed with horses for a bit and this was a dream come true for her! I found this Happiness cloud in my mom's stuff. It went well with a foldable journaling card from the Midnight kit.
The "Great Day" flag was also taken from Mom's supply!

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Project Life is now available is all sorts of places! Read more at Becky's blog!

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