Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Project Life Week 22

 This week was our first week of summer vacation and it ended up being a pretty busy week. We crammed in a hike, zoo trip, park days, and had Mia's dance recital on Saturday. I was pretty good this week and brought my DSLR around. I was able to use it to capture some of my favorite photos in a while. It's also nice to have their crispness along side the iphone photos. 

Here's the whole week:

 Naomi has been bug hunting lately and is quite fond of capturing roly-polies. I try to get her to let them go after a few moments because she can be a little heavy handed with her holding. We've seen our fair share of squished bugs. 
I used one of the Ali Edwards' journaling card and colored it in with a pink Sharpie paint pen. 

I went to see Star Trek with my friend Lisa and so added the ticket into the book. What a great movie! I'm not a huge Star Trek fan, but they've done a great job with this redo! I have also had a love affair with the new Vampire Weekend album. One night I stayed up too late watching youtube videos of their performances. This is a screen shot of the computer screen.

Before our friends, Kate and Sean, left, we went on a long hike/bird watching walk. We were lucky enough to see all sorts of bird, coyotes, and two different pastures of horses. Mia got up close with any horse she could!

Kate took this photo of the two girls walking together and I "borrowed" it from her!

For a year Mia has been begging to read Harry Potter. She's only seen bits of the movie, but has a couple friends that are obsessed with the books. We try to hold off on things with her as long as possible sometimes to 1. give her somethings to look forward to and 2. make sure she can truly understand it. We told her she had to wait until she was eight and then we'd start the first book together. 
This week, we've been reading it as her bedtime story. So far she is loving it and is so curious to see how Harry gets out of the Muggle world. We have two copies so often she reads to us or follows along as we read to her. 

This week we met my sister at the Denver Zoo. It's a halfway point for both of us and is a great place to get all the cousins together. I created an insert for the photos by cutting down a design A page protector, but didn't embellish the photos at all. 

Side two of the insert:

With the insert gone most of the photos from Mia's recital come into view. I didn't get a good photo of her on stage, but I love these ones even more.

The You Are Awesome journaling card is from Studio Calico. I slipped in the show ticket and photos of Mia and her best friend Sasha posing together. These two were in the same class at school but didn't know each other were dancing until about half way through the year. It was fun seeing all of Mia's friends throughout the different dances.

This picture of Naomi is one of my all time favorites. I love the way her hair is blowing and the lines of the wires framing her face. 
The journaling card is from Echo Park and I added letter stickers to it. 

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Cerise Wade said...

Your photography and layouts are beautiful.
I love the idea of having a second book so your daughter can read to you or follow along a little easier.

:) said...

I love the hair blowing picture, too. What a great capture! Nice Project Life, too

lisaplus6 said...

your project life is beautiful!