Thursday, May 30, 2013

Zoo Trip

This week we (my sister & friend Elisa) decided to be brave and take our group of kids to the Denver Zoo. Outings like this always take a bit of planning and patience, plus a lot of snacks. 
It was the first time we've been to the zoo in a year or so and high time for us to introduce the twins to one of our favorite Denver spots. When we pulled up I had a bit of panic because the whole front of the zoo was full of school groups. Seeing hundreds of kids en masse was enough to make me nervous about our day ahead. The zoo is never fun if you're having to fight crowds. 
I didn't need to worry because we started out taking it really slow. We let the kids linger at the first couple of exhibits and the hoards of school kids passed us pretty quickly.

We let Baby Grady walk a little and the eldest "kid" in the group, my nephew Anthony, helped carry him and push strollers when needed. Despite sometimes being a surly teenager, I think he was pretty happy to be spending a day with all of his cousins. 

Grady (wearing one of Hollis's old outfits!) would have been happy to watch the rhinos all day. He pointed at them & got really excited to show them to everyone.

I could take pictures of this kid all day. Seriously.

I'm not sure Mia stopped talking the whole day. She wanted to share all she knows about animals and 
bounced from exhibit to exhibit. She's in her element at the zoo and she'll tell anyone who will listen all she knows about the animals. 

We got a super rare photo of all the kids together near the gorilla exhibit. 

Naomi loved the drums that are in the Shamba area of the Primate Panorama. She thought it was so hilarious that you could bang on them and hear them echo throughout the courtyard.

The older girls loved them too. 

Before lunch, we let all the kids ride on the carousel. For as long as I can remember, the carousel has been one of our favorite parts of the zoo. The animals you can ride are amazingly beautiful and it's fun to see what animal the kids will pick to ride. This was the twins first time on and they loved it. Hollis rode a tiger and Naomi picked a hyena. The older kids ran off to pick their own away from the grown ups.

After lunch, we hit up Bird World and Grady snuck in a short nap. 

Another favorite part of the zoo is Tropical Discovery. Be warned that it's warm in there. But, the fish tanks are amazing and the kids loved getting to be at eye level with the huge river fish. Hollis squealed when he saw the snakes and was so excited to see the Gila lizards up close too.

After this exhibit, we hit a wall and could tell that meltdowns were near. We'd been at the zoo for four hours and everyone was getting tired. We bought everyone ice cream cones and let me advise that even if you don't really want a cone, get an extra (or two). We had two kiddos drop their cones and handing off ours in place of tears was perfect!
Naomi barely made it back to the highway before passing out.

This guy took a little longer, but couldn't resist a car nap too.

It ended up being the perfect zoo day and gave me the confidence to do it again soon. We are pretty lucky to have such a beautiful zoo in Denver. 

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Kristy O said...

I love the Denver zoo! I love how they have a little aqaurium as well.