Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Project Life Week 20

Despite all proclamations that I was keeping it simple this year and trying to not spend too much money on extra things---I bought another Project Life kit. 
This week I as able to get my hands on the Midnight Edition and it is amazing. Liz Tamanha really did a beautiful job designing this kit. It's very simple and basically black and white. My favorite color, orange, is used as an accent color too. I used a Hobby Lobby coupon and so didn't feel guilty at all. In fact, I felt pretty good about adding the Holiday mini-kit and the American Craft Project Life pens to my collection too. I don't know what I'm going to do if Becky keeps announcing awesome kits. 
I thought I'd jump right in and have a whole Midnight spread this week, but decided to keep the Seafoam elements that were showing from last week's spread. There's only 3 cards from the Midnight kit, but I can't wait to show you more in week's to come. I'm planning on using Midnight next year---unless something equally stunning is announced, so I'll be using it sparingly. 

If you haven't already downloaded and played with the A Beautiful Mess app, you should! For only 99 cents you have a simple photo editing app that let's you add doodles, fonts, and borders to your pictures. I used it this week to add some "titles" to my photos. The Happiness card is from the Midnight kit. I added the word is and my journaling about our frequent trips to Target.

The twins wanted me to take their pictures one afternoon to show off new clothes. Their photos were perfect bookends to the currently card. I listed all the things I am "loving" right now on it. 

Mia is looking more and more like a pre-teen. Even with her "Geez, Mom, another photo" look. 
I can't help myself though.
I snapped a photo of the light coming in the kitchen window one morning. It looked so pretty with my flowers and plants. 

I've been getting up early to take morning walks again. I feel a little bad because the kids apparently get up pretty quickly after I leave, but it's so nice to have some quiet time to myself. One morning I snapped this photo of the sunrise. I added some lettering with the A Beautiful Mess app. 
I added a self portrait of finding the Midnight kit----you should have seen the looks some fellow shoppers gave me! The graph cards are perfect for small instagram photos. 

 This is one of the foldable cards in the Midnight kit. I love the lettering!!
It's perfect for this photo of Hollis completely losing it in the car. We were parked in driveline to get Mia and they often start bickering because they are tired. On this day Hollis was crying because Naomi was breathing his air. 

The Good Life card is another one from the Midnight Kit. I decided to leave it plain because this side was seeming so photo heavy. 
Mark and Mia biked to school and work on Friday and before coming home they stopped at the Oskar Blues tasting room. Mark sent me this photo of Mia posing with her root beer!

With Mark's mom living close, we've been trying to take advantage of some grandma babysitting time. She watched the kids so we could have a dinner out. Of course we stopped by the coffee shop first for a little reading and down time!

Love my boys. 

I'm linking with The Mom Creative for her weekly Project Life share. 
You can find out more about Project Life at Becky's site. 


Anonymous said...

Your kids are so adorable! -Carrie

Vicki said...

Great layout! I like how you used the Seafoam and Midnight kits together. I ran over to my Hobby Lobby last week and they were already sold out of the Midnight kit. I'll have to keep trying! Thanks for sharing!! PS Your kids are completely adorable!

Lois said...

Love the mix of the kits - and loving the everyday you've captured, especially the shot of your three year old crying... those will be priceless one day.