Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Project Life Week 18

This week was our daughter's 8th birthday and I knew it would be heavy with photos of her this week.  It'll be fun to look back at this week and know pretty instantly that it was a week all about her. She was thrilled with the idea of a "birthday week" and all the extra attention she got from us!
I did sneak in some photos of the other kids (and Mark) from earlier in the week. 
Here's the full spread:

Creating a sticker banner is an easy way to jazz up the week and help signify that something special happened. I usually don't do much with the date cards so it stands out right away when you're flipping through our book.
I was also lucky enough to snap a photo of Naomi jumping off a small wall at the park. This photo evokes a feeling of freedom and glee for me. 

At the beginning of the week, we went to a local park and I snapped a few photos of everyone. I don't often get one of Mark and Naomi so this one is awesome to have. 
I got some great model-esque photos of Mia. I used one of them as a sort of mini-header to the rest of the spread.
When you have a lot of great photos it can be hard to not want to include them all. It's okay to not do an insert. Just pick a few that speak to the overall day and let the others sit in your photo library for a while. Something else will come up that you can use them for!

The warmer weather has us spending a lot more time outside. One night we took the Striders to the park and the twins had a blast riding them around. Hollis found a little ramp to coast down and he was so proud of himself.

I just love this photo. 

The second page of the week is all about the various ways we celebrated Mia. 
Her and I went out for a special sushi dinner date. 
The whole family ate at Red Robin and the waitstaff sang to her. Anything where you can be the center of attention is your favorite. 
One present she got was a horse riding clinic. Now she can live out her Saddle Club fantasies. 

I added a photo of one of her other favorite gifts--Friends Lego Stable set. 
She's one lucky girl.
On Friday, her school had Immigration Day. I went to the thrift store and found an apron, head scarf,  and dress. She was so excited to get to dress up and she made it through Ellis Island safely. 

I let the last two photos pretty much alone. Mia picked out a DQ Blizzard cake mostly because of the horse theme. I love her face when she saw it for the first time all aglow!

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Linda Jordan said...

I love your layout! I am definitely going to snag the banner idea for the title card. I make my weekly title cards all completely different + have been running out of ideas lately!! Looks like your daughter had a great birthday :) Thanks for sharing!!

Katie from Katie's Nesting Spot said...

What a fun week for your daughter. I love the hand doodled line border you did and how you used a cut down journaling card with a small photo together in one 4X6 slot.

Candace said...

fun pages for a fun week