Friday, May 31, 2013

Park Explorers

One of my goals this summer is to visit as many of the local parks as possible. 
We have so many in town that we've never been to and it's always fun to mix up what playgrounds we are hitting up. When reading up I found one that said it had a brand new playground, small skate park, and a stream full of crawdads. Despite crazy winds, I decided it would be our first park to try out. 
The little kids were sold the minute they saw the small bowl in the skate park. Mia ran off with a group of girls and was happy to have some new "friends" to play with.

Naomi gave the bowl a shot on her scooter and immediately crashed. She spent the rest of the time circling the bowl instead. 

Hollis, on the other hand, took to it like a champ. He rode up and down and loved every second of it. He's getting so confident in balancing and coasting and I'm pretty sure we'll be able to add wheels in no time. I can't recommend the Strider type bikes enough. They really are great for teaching kids to hold the bike up and to learn how to maneuver before adding the pedals. It was a seamless transition for Mia and I have no doubt that Hollis won't have any trouble.

The wind was pretty harsh, but no one wanted to leave. We practically had the park to ourselves and that meant I could relax a little bit and the kids had space to run from section to section.

I brought hot dogs to try to coax the crawdads out and the kids put them on the end of sticks. It wasn't a perfect fishing method, but they were thrilled to try and spent a good half hour sticking those hot dogs under the rocks. 

We only saw one and it was once most of the kids had wandered back to the playground. I got the brilliant idea to move a rock and we found one big guy. He took one bite of the hot dog and swam off. Mia wanted to keep searching and asked me to move any rock I could reach.  

This first week after the end of school has gone pretty well. I'm on survival mode really---letting them dictate (for the most part) what our day looks like. I've been giving them a lot of attention, while also stealing away time for myself when I can. We've been outside and away from the house for the most part. The fresh air has been good for all of us. We're exhausted at the end of the night and there haven't been too many squabbles. We'll get on a more normal schedule next week with summer camps, a new school for the twins, and some much needed free days for me.
But, I look forward to carving out time to explore new places with the kids.

I have a feeling, though, that we'll be back to this park for sure. 

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libbywilko said...

Looks like the parks are a fun beginning to Summer.