Friday, May 03, 2013

Eight Years Old


This week you turned eight and we decided to celebrate as much as we could this year. We declared it birthday week and you got a trip to the park, sushi dinner with mom, Red Robin, a soccer game, and a trip to the nature and science museum. We also agreed to host your first ever sleepover party. There will be seven friends coming to stay and you are beyond thrilled--even though I'm a little scared.
I think you deserve a year that was a little over the top and really celebrates the year to come. 
This year we've begun to see you grow into such a smart, independent, and passionate young girl. There are less and less arguments and more calm negotiations. 

Your one goal seems to be to get people to see and hear you---really listen to you. Sometimes this can come at the worst of times, but you are teaching us everyday patience and the art of focusing on the here and now. You like to sing, dance, and create performances for anyone who will listen. Your favorite part of school is music class. At a recent school concert you sang louder than anyone there and were so excited to have a small group part to sing. This past year you started piano and have decided to give up dance. You seem to thrive in the activities where you are one on one with the teacher.
You are fascinated with all things horses and we've signed you up for a riding clinic in June. This all stems from your discovery of the show Saddle Club and your friendship with Sasha who is also obsessed with horses. 

You have a whole world in your head that you want to share. You make elaborate plans for the way the world should work and can get heartbroken if they don't fall into place like you think they should. You are headstrong and passionate, but also ever-changing in your likes and dislikes. Sometimes it can make making you happy difficult, but we are pretty lucky that simply spending time with you goes a long way.

Everyday your dad and I feel incredibly blessed that we've gotten to watch you grow. It's still amazing that we have an eight year old, but we wouldn't change a thing. You teach us so much about how to be parents and for that we thank you. We may not say it enough, but we are so proud of you and grateful that you are in our family. We love how much you love being a big sister and how tender you can be with Hollis & Naomi.

Sweet girl, know that we are loved and admired for your intelligence, passion, humor, and beauty.
We love you so very much.


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