Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Project Life Week 17

This past week was another tough one for this Momma. I had Hollis home most of the week with a mystery fever. I still managed to capture some sweet moments from the week, but I definitely felt a little  tapped when it came to putting together this spread. Keeping it simple and breaking up my journaling sessions helped ensure that I got it done and stayed on top of it this week!

Hollis spent most of the week curled up in our bed. He would ask so sweetly for us to come lay with him when he needed some company. I took a self portrait of us together. Before the fever hit I took the twins to get their haircut. They love to go and get so quiet and serious when in the chair. I used a circle tag cut in half to hide busy things in the background of the photo.

My friend Heather was in town and we travelled down to my favorite fabric store Fancy Tiger. They snapped this photo of us in front of their amazing quilt! I met Heather on the way to Quiltcon in the airport and we've kept track of each other since. I love when and internet friend becomes a real friend.
I added a photo of Hollis watching Curious George on the iPad and a great shot of Naomi napping on the couch. 

I don't often get to see Mia's piano lessons, but on this day I went without the babies. 
I snapped a sly picture on my iPhone.

I've been working in the yard and while Hollis rested, Naomi searched for worms. She loved holding them, talking to them, and teaching them to swim---despite my best efforts to explain that worms can't swim. 

I never imagined I'd have two worm photos but after a weeding session I looked up to find all three kids had created a worm habitat and were reading Diary of a Worm to their new friends. 
I love how "carefully" Naomi is holding her worm as they listen to the story.

With the weather so nice we've been able to start walking more. We spent one morning at the ponds and met up with some ducks. They had absolutely no fear of Naomi and were coming close to her with the hopes that she had bread. 
She may have a real gift with animals----she always seems to calm them down and be so gentle with them.

One of the things I am loving most to add is a small recap of the week. Mine usually take the form of a bulleted list and feature events not necessarily featured by the photos. These "currently" Seafoam kit cards are perfect for lists that you want to remember. 

You'll probably see these senses cards quite a bit as we dig out of winter and into Spring. Everything feels so fresh & new and it's fun to capture that with these cards that are in the Seafoam kit. 

I'm linking up with The Mom Creative for her weekly share. 
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laura kate said...

Love love love all the pics of the kids and creatures! I cracked up at the worm/worm book photo when I saw it on Instagram. So cute!

Candace said...

Love your pages

Have a great week

Charlotte said...

Great PL pages. I love to see what you create week after week. :)
... worms ... Oh I HATE worms. Funny photos though and it's so cute how's she's holding the worm carefully while reading in the book :)
Thanks for sharing another week.


dnsvm said...

Thank you Charlotte, Candace, & Laura Kate!!

libbywilko said...

Adore you captured them reading & holding the worm <3 it! Love your review card too, thanks for the inspiration.