Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Project Life Week 15

I think I've finally hit a comfort zone with this new kit and with balancing all the various crafting I'm doing lately. I've been treating small sections of the spread as one unit and then adding in other elements without worrying if it all "matches." It's working for me at this moment. I'm sure it'll change next week. 
For this spread I printed all the photos on one day and then worked on the layout over two days. That means adding bits and pieces as the kids allow! 
This week I used the date card as a pattern to pull throughout the layout. When I ordered the Seafoam kit I also ordered some of the extra 12x12 paper that coordinates with it. It's nice to have it, especially if I don't want to spend the time digging through my own stash of paper. 

In Elise Blaha's latest Project Life post, I noticed that she used a single letter to denote the day of the week and then added a little description. I liked the way it looked and decided to play with it on my walk photos. The photo of Naomi is one Mark took when we visited a new park last Sunday. It's this amazing climbing structure that is serves as public art too!

 We met at the park to hand off my niece Aniyah to her mom. It was a good middle meeting place and it gave all the kids a chance to run off energy. It was nearly 70 degrees that day and so we got really lucky! The park had a treehouse and walking paths all around it. Mark took the kids around the paths and got the older kids to pose in one of the trees. 

I got one photo of Mark helping Naomi with the telescope before I got distracted watching the other kids. Naomi fell asleep pretty quickly once we got on the road and so she gets another car nap entry in Project Life. 

We had an unexpected snow day on Tuesday and I made lunch for everyone. Mia got really upset because I made her two pieces of peanut butter and celery. She has decided that she hates peanut butter, but in order to get hot chocolate she had to finish her plate. She threw a mighty fit and it took nearly 30 minutes for her to eat them. I covertly snapped a photo.

Hollis got a Spiderman doll from Grandma this week and his new friend came everywhere with us. Including the farmer's market. 
I love the senses card in the Seafoam kit. It's a great way to get the idea of a place or experience without a ton of journaling. I added a recap of smaller moments from the week next to it. 

Mia has some mad style. This outfit was what she put together for the farmer's market!

At the farmer's market the twins wanted to stop and listen to a woman singing and playing guitar. Both of them sat in my lap and Mark got a quick picture of all of the kids with me. It might just be my most favorite picture ever. 

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Charlotte said...

As always I love your PL pages. So much going on. Love the colors you have used for week 15. :)

dnsvm said...

Thank you, Charlotte!

Fiona said...

Lovely pages! You have really nice handwriting. The photo of you and your children is beautiful :)

Yin said...

Like how you used the single letter for days of the week idea, and how you used the senses card! Lovely!

dnsvm said...

Thank you, Fiona & Yin!

eek said...

I love all the pinks and oranges you used to compliment your photos. Great layout.