Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Project Life Week 14

Since my days go Sunday to Saturday, Easter fell on this week. We also had Spring break and spent half the week with my mom & sister. That means this layout had a ton of pictures to use. So many in fact that I added another insert using a cut down Design A page protector. 
Here's the whole spread:

On Easter, the kids spent a good deal of the afternoon blowing bubbles in my mother in law's backyard. I snapped this photo of Mia and knew I wanted to blow it up a bit for the layout. I printed out an 8x10 and then cut it down to fit in this corner of the layout. I wanted to keep the rest of this side of the layout pretty sparse so to focus on that one picture. 

I did add a picture of Hollis in his new sunnies that the Easter Bunny delivered! This journaling card is from a Bazill pack of cards I got last year. 
I still love the senses cards that are in the Seafoam kit!

Here is the first side of the insert. I used a free printable from LifeLovePaper and another Bazill journalling card. The shadow picture was an instagram of Mia with her bunny ears on! 

The second side has a collage of the whip cream mustaches Mark gave the kids. 

For the second half I stuck with the orange theme from the first page, but documented all the pictures from the visit with my sister. We took the kids to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo---which is perhaps one of the best zoos ever. The kids were so good and we ended up seeing a ton of the animals. The girls were getting along so well and not ready to split at the end of the week and so we brought my niece home with us for a couple of days. 

Aniyah and Mia love to dress in matching clothes. My sister picked up these bright floral dresses (at Target) and they rocked them at the zoo. 

I found a scrap in my stash of paper that sort of matched the giraffe's print! 

On Saturday morning we took all three four kids to the local ponds. We threw rocks, bird watched, and even found a beaver in his den at the edge of the pond. 
I love this shot of the three girls by the edge of the waterfall!

Even after going to the ponds the kids had a ton of energy. We headed across the street to the school playground and let them burn off more energy! 
I snapped this photo of Aniyah at the top of the slide with my iPhone. 

There is a lookout at one point at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. You can see the whole city and it's incredibly beautiful. We've made a habit of taking some self portraits there. This is me and my wonderful sister. Love her so very much.

I'm linking up with The Mom Creative for her weekly share. 
You can find out more about Project Life here. 


laura kate said...

Some really great photos this week! Especially the enlargement and the one of your niece set against that beautiful bright blue sky! Great week!

Cerise Wade said...

Great layouts! LOVE the big photo to start the week. I really need to try that.