Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Project Life Week 13

This week was another week full of mostly IPhone photos. The only time I used my "big" camera was for the eggs dyeing photos. I love the quality of photos I get with my DSLR, but the ease of the iPhone often wins out!
Here's the full week:

I've been really trying to get more everyday photos during the week. I snapped a quick photo of the grocery cart as I was pushing it out to the car. 
I also included an awesome quote from Naomi. Both the twins have been fascinated with all manner of "gross" talk lately. 
Mia has been really wanting to sew more and so this week I let her use some of my scraps to piece together a quilt. She sewed it all on her own and it getting better at matching up the edges. She wanted me to take a photo to send to Grandma. 

When I went to get my hair done my stylist wanted to play a little with my short hair. I'm all game for doing something a little spunky & fun. The result was a mix between a faux-hawk and pompadour that Morrissey would have been proud of. 

This week I used a Design A page protector and cut it down to make an insert for our egg dyeing session. This is the first insert of the new year! I didn't go crazy with it, but love the colors the eggs brought to the overall spread!

One day this week Naomi was completely miserable. I couldn't do anything to make her happy. After a failed attempt at a bath she wanted me to hold her and she fell right asleep in my arms. Turns out she was running a slight fever & she ended up sleeping for almost 3 hours on the couch. The foldable 4x6 story cards in the Seafoam kit are perfect for small photos and journaling!

When cleaning one evening I found this drawing with Naomi's people on it.  I love that I can include these snippets of found art in Project Life!
My sister's family had Spring Break & so we got in a few Facetime calls with all the kids. We spend most of the time making funny faces at each other an fighting over screen time. I'm so grateful though that we can connect this way!

Mark's mom moved to our town (YAY!) this week and one morning we went to help unpack. The twins loved playing in the empty boxes! They would hide down in the box & then pop up. 
The middle picture is one that Mark sent to me from the Rapid's soccer game. I love how thuggish they look!

Mark and I went on a date to see one of our favorite bands. It was a super small venue and sounded so good!! Concert photos are hard to take---esp. on iphone, but I love adding them here. We go to a lot of shows and having them documented is a lot of fun.

This is another iPhone shot that Mark sent to me from the soccer game. She looks so grown up!!!

I'm linking up with The Mom Creative for her weekly share. 
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Jen T said...

Found you from Mom Creative. Love your layout! Great job documenting!!

brooke said...

love the quote by naomi! kids crack me up. :) your pages look great!

Charlotte said...

I love your PL spread - as always. The egg dying insert is great - so awesome colors!
Thanks for the inspiration. :)

:) said...

The poop quote cracked me up. Loved your project life!

Margie S (Nihao, Cupcake!) said...

Great everyday moments captured! That quote is classic and so many adorable pics. I think cutting down Design A is one of my favorite inserts.

Michelle B said...

HI! I found your via the Mom Creative! I love you PL pages! I host a PL blog hop at my blog each Sat. you can check it out here: http://michellebostinelos.com/blog/category/saturday-project-life-blog-hop/

I was wondering if you would like to be featured on a future blog hop. Please contact me if you are interested. mbostinelosATgmailDOTcom Thanks!

Sara said...

Love all your real life stuff! The picture your daughter drew is so precious! Great job!