Monday, April 15, 2013

Love them.

I really wanted to write a whiny post about how we are totally failing at potty training. Nothing seems to work and not for the child you'd suspect (hint: she's wearing mismatched stripes). 

But, then I opened my photos this morning and saw this one that Mark took at the farmer's market. I'm also listening to the twins play in the basement with no arguing and with the funniest imaginations. My eldest has figured out a morning routine that works to getting her out the door on time. And my husband, sensing my need of a break yesterday, took all three kids on an adventure to the pet store so I could have a moment's peace. 

And I realize just how very lucky I am. 

The whining can wait for another day because no matter how hard yesterday (or any other day) was. 
I have this family. 
And I love them.

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