Friday, April 12, 2013

Around Here

We've been busy around here this week. 
There was a snow day for nearly no snow. We finally got the carpet replaced in the basement from an unfortunate Christmas Eve catastrophe. I've been painting hallways (with help from a very nice friend) and starting to work on the twins' room. When the house is quiet I've been working on another commissioned I Spy quilt and watching Hunger Games. It seems like every minute lately is filled with something. 

That's not a bad thing.

I can feel spring around the corner and I am doing all I can to welcome it in small ways. I'm trying to use this energy for all the projects and ideas that bounce around my head. I'm carving space here and there for reflection and plans. We'll be making a family summer bucket list soon and I'm really looking forward to new adventures with them. 

I'm trying to be as open as possible to new ideas, conversations, friends, and activities. Whatever I'm feeling right now, it's good. I'll take this fervor and energy. I'm not sure where it'll lead me, but I know I'll learn from it. 

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